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don't press the red button!

sit back and let life unfold

. // prawninator +
16 March 1984
. // prawninator +

I <3 My Geek

Currently, I'm trying to save up money so I can immigrate to the United States of America and be with my guy. To where too many people tell me I belong to ignore. Job-hunting is horrible, so I'm currently stuck with an overworked, poorly paid job. On USD6000 a year, I'm not going anywhere fast. Any donations or contributions will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm alive again
The darkness far behind me
I'm invincible
Despair will never find me

I feel strong
I've got a new sense of elation
Boundless energy
Euphoria fixation

Still it's hard to just get by
It seems so meaningless to try
When all I want to do is cry
Who would ever know I felt so sad

Even though I get so high
I know that I will never fly
And when I fall out of the sky
Who'll be standing by

Will you be standing by...?